Welcome to the iRationalParent research project!


The iRationalParent is financed by the Babes-Bolyai University and aims at adapting the protocol of the rPPP for being delivered online and making it thus accessible largely for the parents in need. The online Rational Positive Parenting Program (online-rPPP) will be tested in the second step in rigorous trials for documenting its efficacy and effectiveness in helping parents and children.

The project is directed by Senior Assistant Professor Oana A. David, Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca. http://www.international-coaching.org/team

The Rational Positive Parenting Program (rPPP) was developed (Gavita, 2011, Gavita, DiGiuseppe, & David, 2013) based on a theoretically coherent enhanced curricula (Gavita, Joyce, & David, 2011), incorporating the unconditional acceptance and functional reappraisal strategies (part of the Ratinal Emotive and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for improving parent-child attachment, based on the most recent advances in the emotion-regulation field. The RPP program is adjunctively first focusing on building emotion-regulation capabilities in parents and children as a crucial target of the intervention (Gavita & Calin, 2013), and helping them reduce parental distress for improving implementation (learned in a second phase) of the behavioral techniques. The efficacy of the program was tested in rigorous studies using its full length format (David, David, & Dobrean, 2014), short format (Gavita et al., 2012), and self-help format (Gavita & Calon, 2012). The rPPP is among the first programs investigated in terms of its mechanisms of change in producing changes in child externalizing behavior, which brings scientific support also for its theory.